Etivity 2: Hellocomputer, helloworld


After tailoring my very first infographic, it occurred to me just how important these can be for a business (as well as how time consuming.) In order for Hellocomputer to gain more market share as well as a competitive edge, knowing your environment is crucial. Before Hellocomputer crafts their digital strategy, these are imperative questions of focus in a nutshell:

  • The current and changing surrounding context?
  • What is the usefulness and value of your brand?
  • What are the needs, wants and desires of your target audience?
  • Who are the competitors?

Bearing in mind the above questions when crafting a digital strategy, Hellocomputer can use the infographic I have created in gathering some relevant information with data which is represented quickly and clearly. One of the emerging trends found was that the younger generations are the most active on social media platforms as well as using their mobile phones as a means of accessing these platforms.

Now I am not saying my infographic is any pierce of art, it some strengths as well as some weaknesses obviously. A visible strength for Hellocomputer using this infographic is that I have included two links where consumers can like them on Facebook or follow them on twitter, and just for arguments sake, I’m going to include them here to, just to further their brand awareness.

An overall strength of this infographic is that Hellocomputer can use this digital image in accordance with their digital strategy. I tried to extract the most relevant data which was necessary for Hellocomputer, with their three biggest social media platforms being:


Moving on to my infographic’s weaknesses. Seeing as it this was my first time working with infographics (ever), I struggled to find creative ways of including more information without it looking chaotic and overcrowded. Also, I tried to incorporate information relative to the four nutshell questions of a digital marketing strategy, however I feel I could have communicated more information about Hellocomputers value proposition as well as possible competitors. Although I have managed to pinpoint some weaknesses of my infographic, this only allows me the opportunity to better myself and improve my infographic skills, which ofcorse comes with practice.



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